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Home     Coimbatore News      Events      The Installation Event of Rotary Club of Coimbatore East was a Tremendous Success

The Installation Event of Rotary Club of Coimbatore East was a Tremendous Success

The Installation Event of Rotary Club of Coimbatore East was a Tremendous Success

The Installation Event of Rotary Club of Coimbatore East was a Tremendous Success
Here's a summary and glimpse of the highlights:

-The installation started promptly at 6:30 pm with a prayer song by Rtn Dr.JS Bhuvan 
  Easwaran and the Four-Way Test by Rtn Karthik Narain.

-IPP Rtn Jayakumar delivered the welcome address, marking his final time as president.

-IPS Rtn Raj Siddharth presented a powerful secretary report video,highlighting all 
  the projects accomplished in the past year.

-The introduction of President-elect Rtn Eswaran was done by IPP Rtn Jayakumar,making 
  a strong impact.

-Rtn Eswaran took over as President through oath-taking, collaring, and gavel exchange. 
 He addressed the gathering, sharing his ideas for the upcoming year alongside
 Secretary Rtn Gokul Raman.

-The installation of incoming board members, including Ann President Logha Priya, 
  Ann Secretary G Sowmiya, and Annet President G Mithul Ram, took place with a 
 memorable group photo.

-Mr.Muthuraja, a Paralympic athlete,was honored for his achievements,and his future
 endeavors were celebrated.

-A crisp and neat bulletin containing all the necessary information was released by 
 GGR Muthusamy, Rtn Vimal Kannan, and Rtn Selva Kumar, the bulletin editors, in the 
 presence of dignitaries.

-Assistant Governor Rtn MPHF Justin Premkumar delivered a powerful and informative speech.

-District Director Rtn MD S. Gokulraj addressed the gathering, providing valuable 
 information about the G50 clubs in the district.

-Mr. C S Govindarajan (ROC), a friend of President Rtn Easwaran, felicitated the incoming
 board and wished them success.

-Visiting Rotarians from G50 clubs were recognized and appreciated with roses as a token
 of gratitude for attending the installation.

-IIPS Rtn Vijay Krishnan introduced the Guest of Honour, Shri. G. Chandeesh IPS, Deputy 
Commissioner of Police,it was a wonderful introduction which hlighted GOH Chandeeshhad achieved so much in this  age ,who delivered an inspiring speech emphasizing the 
empowerment of women and children. He mentioned that “ we need not give fish to anyone but we need to teach fishing “ which was provoking. 

-Club Advisor Rtn Prabhu Kesavan introduced the Chief Guest, Dr.A.Velumani,Creator of 
 Thyrocare,who delivered a captivating and inspiring speech, sharing his life story and 
 success mantra:FOCUS | LEARN | GROW | ENJOY. Dr. Velumani also donated Rs 2 Lakhs to the club for upcoming good projects and services.

-Rtn Gokul Raman expressed gratitude in the vote of thanks to the organizing team, 
 dignitaries, MC team, and tech team.


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