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Jubilant Tamil Nadu presents Global Expo & Knowledge Summit - A huge event in Coimbatore

Jubilant Tamil Nadu presents Global Expo & Knowledge Summit - A huge event in Coimbatore

Coimbatore is preparing for one of the year's most significant events, the Global Expo & Knowledge Summit, which is proudly presented by Jubilant Tamil Nadu. With the invaluable assistance of FaMe TN, BNI, and StartUpTN. Partnering with BNI adds another level of expertise to this spectacular event.

Distinguished Speakers To Ignite Minds:

Kamal Bali - President & Managing Director, Volvo Group in India
Dr. Velumani - Creator, Thyrocare
C K Kumaravel - Co-Founder, Naturals
Nalin SNS - Technical Director, SNS Institutions
Lavanya Nalli - Chairperson, Nalli Group
Taylor Elizabeth - Founder and Director, The Elegance Advisor Consultancy, Dubai
Hemalatha Annamalai - Co-Founder and Vice Chair, Green Collar Agri Tech Solutions Pvt Ltd
Abhay Tandon -Digital Innovation Officer, TVS Motor Company
DR. Anbu Rathinavel - Chief Design Officer, Intellect Design Arena & Head, School of Design Thinking
Avnish Sabharwal - Managing Director, Accenture Ventures & Open Innovation
Shiv Shivakumar - Operating Partner at Advent International, Ex-Chairman & CEO PepsiCo India, Ex-CEO, EM-Nokia
K R Nagarajan - Founder & Chairman, Ramraj Cotton
Bhagyasree Bansali - Founder CEO, The Disposal company
Sivarajah Ramanathan - Mission Director & CEO, Startup TN
Rajeev Banduni - CEO, Growth Enabler
DR. Senthil Ganesh - Managing Trustee, RVS Educational Trust, Chairman CII, Coimbatore
Swathi Rohit - CEO, Health Basix
Bala M - CEO, 3i Medtech(A Refex Group Company)
Sridhar Parthasarathy - Managing Partner, Refex Capital
DR. Chackochan Mathai - COO Intl. Business - Naturals A Franchising Coach
Harish Bijoor - Global Brand Expert & Founder, Harish Bijoor Consults Inc.
EP Abdurahiman - Chairman, Care N Cure Group, Qatar
DR. Aris Latham - Father of Gourmet Ethical Raw Cuisine, Founder Sunfired, Panama
Raja Krishnamoorthy - OD Consultant, Leadership Coach & Actor


These important personalities will share their ideas and experiences throughout more than 50 knowledge sessions.

Global participation:

With over 75 speakers and 350 business exhibits, the event promises to be a lively exchange of ideas and opportunities. The presence of delegates from more than 20 nations demonstrates the Global Expo & Knowledge Summit's international significance.

This event promises to be a hotspot for innovation, knowledge sharing, and business networking. The Global Expo & Knowledge Summit is more than just an event; it celebrates ideas, possibilities, and the entrepreneurial spirit. Don't pass up this opportunity to see industry leaders, visionaries, and innovators come together under one roof.

Key highlights:-

Exhibition: Discover innovative items from MSMEs, startups, and corporations.

 Attendees: Join 15,000+ people to explore 350+ stalls, including 75+ MSMEs and 50+ startups.

Speakers: Learn from more than 50 worldwide and national professionals who are influencing the future.

Free Visitor Registration: Secure your seat at the Global Expo.Register now at  https://www.jubilanttamilnadu.com/

Delegate Registration: Enhance your expertise at the conference. Register at https://www.jubilanttamilnadu.com/

Knowledge Sessions and Workshops: Attend concentrated sessions to improve your awareness of global trends.

International Presence: Connect with over 20 international stalls and delegates to discover global opportunities.

To book a stall to showcase your breakthrough items, please call us at 9787649454.


Location: Codissia Trade Fair Complex, Avinashi Road, Coimbatore.
Date: 1, 2, and 3 February 2024


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