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Fun Filled Event for children!!

Fun Filled Event for children!!

Covai Iconic Champions-an entertaining event for children to be conducted on 11’th of August 2019 in Peelamedu , Coimbatore by Happy Mind Events.

It is a fun event organized in Coimbatore which comprises of many events including drawing, dance, handwriting, fashion walk, etc., for the children from pre-kg to 12’th standard in education. It would be a fun and entertaining day for the children and their parents. It would be worth the while and also being on a Sunday gives more audience to the event as many people look forward to it.


Pre kg, LKG and UKG - Colouring and Fancy Dress

1,2,3, std - Colouring , Fancy Dress

4,5,6 std - Drawing , Dance, Hand Writing, Fashion walk  

7,8,9 std - Drawing, Dance, Hand writing, Fashion walk  

10,11,12 std - Drawing, dance, Hand writing, Fashion walk  

All the winners will get the trophy, winner certificate, medal. 

All the participants will get the Participation certificate. 



1. Registration Fee Rs.150/-

2. Drawing chart will be provided by us 

3. Participants should get their own colors / Pencil/ ruler or Materials 

4. Papers will be provided for Hand writing and Colouring Competition 

5. Competition duration should be in hours and no use of drawing templates 

6. Solo dance time is 2 minutes and group dance time is 3 minutes  

7. Judges decision will be final 

8. Competition starts at 09:00 AM   

9. Price Distribution is at evening 11 08.2019 

10. One ticket Will allow only one competition and if want to attend one more competition need to buy one more ticket.  


Where to get Tickets:

-> https://www.townscript.com/e/covai-iconic-champions-011242/booking?prS=listing&seS=topicpage



Date:  11.08.19

Time: 9:00 AM to 6PM (IST)


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