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Artificial Vacuum Pump -Roborock

Artificial Vacuum Pump -Roborock




Now-a-days, cleaning our surrounding utilize our holiday time. Our holidays session get stressful due to these reasons. There comes Roborock , an artificial vacuum pump is wants to help you only with cleaning your house parts ,much more  specifically with the floors.RoboRock


Generally there are two versions of  roborock

  • Roborock s4

  • Roborock s4 plus

  • Roborock s5

  • Roborock s6

RoboRock                                     RoboRock

They are intelligent robotics vacuums with diligent features. They have deep cleaning ability and convenience in one beautiful package. 

They can handle variety of Floor types and cleaning strategies. They possessed with laser sensing navigation they have the host of other features that will helps you to make your holiday ease. But their functions are similar.


Both s4 and s6 uses laser sensing technology to map each room in your house. They do 300-360 scans per minute to scan your house’s particular room. After completing scanning process they generate a map which is upto +/- 2 cms vary from the original layout.

That map can be simply viewed from an app called Roborock. From that map you can identify where to clean and minute particles that cannot visible under naked eye. You can also set NO-GO zones to specify the areas to your vacuum for spot cleaning.

It uses various sensors features to avoid fall avoidance, escape root calculation and more.


It prompts you to spend less time in cleaning your floors. Following are certain Time saving features.

  • Scheduled time for cleaning specific rooms  or for the entire house

  • Its uses the best calculative path for cleaning 

  • User can create No-GO zones to specify places.

  • It can automatically charge itself when the battery is low 

Roborock S4:

  • It can easily free itself from tight corners and provide 3 hours of suction on hard floors.

  • It has 12 sensors and laser navigation enables to easily roam around your home.

  • It gets automatically recharges when on low battery and automatically picks up where it left off once when the battery gets 80.


  • It co-ordinates all the features of s4 plus and s4 and has the ability to MOP.

  • It embedded with additional two sensors, which makes it 50 % faster than S5.


  MOPPING in s6 is effortless.

  • Once the mopping unit is added, we can adjust the water flow in s6, which is suited for your floor.


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