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  வர்மா மீண்டும் படப்பிடிப்பு

வர்மா மீண்டும் படப்பிடிப்பு

The famous Telugu flick Arjun Redy was released on 25 August 2017, which turned tables for both the leads, Vijay as well as Shalini.The movie was to be remade into tamil with Vikram's son Dhruv in Male lead role. The shoot was said to be over in late January.

But to a shock, it was confirmed that the producers are not happy with the film has turned out to be. And have decided to completely re-shoot the movie once again.Varmaa was previously scheduled to be released in June 2019, since the new breakthrough has occured, the release dates are yet to be confirmed.

The film producers stated that they decided not to release this film, directed by Bala because of differences with the remake. The producers said, “We are not happy with the final version handed over to us and due to various creative and other differences.”

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