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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
1. What is 123coimbatore.com?
123Coimbatore is an online B2C portal and an ISO 9001:2008 certified company which delivers appropriate knowledge about Coimbatore city to all users. People who don't know much about Coimbatore city can make use of this portal and get more information.
2. What are the services provided by you?
We provide handful of services on complete business details under various categories, latest cinema news and movies updates, list of blood donors, entire information about tourist places and also web designing services.
3. Do you provide website services like web designing, web hosting, etc?
123Coimbatore is totally a web solution company. We provide web services like Domain registration, Web hosting, Web development, Web designing, SEO, Logo designing, Brochure designing, Flash designing, etc. For additional info, visit our web designing site: - www.webdesign.123coimbatore.com
4. Will you provide online ticket booking for movies?
No, we provide information only about the movies which are currently running and their timing at various theaters in Coimbatore city. People can be aware of the entire movies list and theaters so that they could watch movies with ease.
5. Why Should I Advertise in 123coimbatore?
"Picturization is a modern substitute for advertising, which promotes business in an easy way"
Constant web users review 123coimbatore and tend to advertise their concern to enhance their company's growth and develop their business contacts.
6. What are the benefits in banner advertisement?
"Banner ad is an art to gain customers to your business"
It is the best way of advertising your company through online. It is intended to attract the web users and also embeds its link to your website by clicking on the image. So that customers can get enough knowledge about the concern. For detailed information about banner ads, visit our web page: (www.123coimbatore.com/tariffs.php)
7. What is the difference between banner advertisement and category advertisement?
In banner advertisement, your ads are animated with images and text which attracts more users and insist them to visit the company's website whereas in category advertisement the complete information about the company is stated. Among the two, banner ads are used widely in today's business world owing to its attracting capability.
8. Will I get information about blood donors from all districts?
Since we thoroughly focus on Coimbatore, only the list of Coimbatore blood donors is maintained. Further you can register your blood group in www.123coimbatore.com/blood-donors.php
9. Why should I pick tariff plans for advertising my company?
If you are a paid customer, you would get more business enquiries. And also, your business details will be given higher priority in the list of the corresponding category. So that it will help to enhance your business growth.
10. What are the benefits of choosing gold/silver/bronze plan?
By choosing Gold plan, you can list your company details at the top of the list, which enables you to get more enquiries. First priority for displaying ads is given to gold followed by silver, bronze and free advertisement. Each and every company is displayed randomly based on their plan. You can choose any plan according to your requirements.
11. Can I change the plan within a given period??? Will money be refunded for it???
Yes, you can change your tariff plan within a given period but your money will not be refunded. Extra charges will also be added if you wish to change your plan within the specified period. (E.g., you can change your plan from silver to gold and bronze to silver or gold).
12. How can I update my information if it is changed?
The company provides a user friendly option to update your information. You can update your details by mailing to support@123coimbatore.com or by calling to 9500466116.
13. Will I get more enquiries after advertising in your online directory?
Yes, you may get more enquiries by advertising with us, but we cannot guarantee about the number of enquiries. You will get more/less a genuine number of enquiries.
14. How will clients know about my advertisement in 123Coimbatore?
We focus more on web through social networking sites like facebook, twitter, Google plus, linkedin, etc. With the help of these sites, clients can easily connect to us and view your advertisement. By doing so, the clients continuously get adequate information about your company.
15. If I don't own a company in Coimbatore, will I be able to register my company details in your directory?
Our online directory is only meant for displaying details of companies in Coimbatore under business listing and not for other district companies.
16. Will you update cinema details regularly?
Yes, we review and update movie details such as upcoming movies, movies running in Coimbatore, cinema news, photo gallery, trailers regularly. We often update cinema details in our mobile website also, visit our mobile website: http://m.123coimbatore.com/cinema.php.
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